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Auto parts laser cutting-汽车配件激光切割-194-20180713

Auto parts laser cutting-汽车配件激光切割-194-20180713


HC88 series CO2 laser engraving machine research and development goal: continuously improve the laser processing results to meet more customer needs. Regardless of the four aspects of mechanical structure design, software R&D, electrical performance, and device selection, the entire machine has always been designed to meet the needs of laser processing at the customer's site. It is specialized in manufacturing under the ISO9001 quality system, from the stability and precision of the equipment. The three core indicators such as degree and speed efficiency all reflect the level of world-class equipment.
The continuous improvement and continuous improvement of the HC88 series laser engraving and cutting machine products have become the necessary equipment for the industrial site—laser processing has become an industry trend.
 HC88 advertising plate series, professional for the advertising plate industry, laser cutting, plexiglass laser cutting and engraving, wooden bamboo craft products engraving and processing, leather leather carving processing, photo frame laser cutting processing and many other industries and fields.
 The HC88 series can effectively expand its application by configuring and selecting a series of peripherals, such as a spin chuck, which can satisfy customers' requirements for processing in cylinders, circles, cones, etc., and add more value to customers' products.

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