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LF68 series laser marking machine training video-317-201900409

LF68 series laser printer training video-317-201900409

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Training&learning steps:

  1. Principle of laser printer->Laser printer composition->Comparison between laser printer and inkjet printer->Performance introduction

  2. Unpacking assembly ->Power-on detection ->On-line debugging ->Touch screen operation ->Routine maintenance ->Industry application

  3. Operation Instruction Manual ->Daily Maintenance Manual -> tool and Software use

1st.Training video of Unpacking and assembling machine


1)、Instruction of training video:The whole process from opening the wooden box of the laser printer to assembling a complete LF92 series laser printer。

2)、Link of training video: 

2nd。Training video of power on detection


1)、Instruction of training video:From the monitoring work before power on to the test work after power on(Touch screen, galvanometer, laser, etc。)。

2)、Link of training video:

3rd.Training video of on-line installation


1)、Instruction of training video:Debugging preparation and operation precautions for PE pipe production line, PVC wire and cable, etc.

2)、Link of training video: 

4th.Training video of Touch screen operation (Software operation)


1)、Instruction of training video:Introduction of the basic functions and principles of the touch screen, as well as a series of functions from information editing input to print control.

2)、Link of training video: 

5th.Daily maintenance of the printer

1、Replace the LF92 touch screen;


1)、Instruction of training video:The system explains the whole process of touch screen replacement。

2)、Link of training video: 

2、Replace the LF92 laser source

1)、Instruction of training video:The system explains the complete process of removing, removing, and loading the laser from the optical path to the chassis;

2)、Link of training video:

3、Replace the LF92 Scanning galvanometer


1)、Instruction of training video:The system explains how to judge the whole process of the galvanometer failure and then replacement;

2)、Link of training video:

6th。Industry application video

1、Laser printing for PVC pipe

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